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Our unique ability to understand the wellbeing of your people allows you to gain a greater understanding of where to focus investment, support & provide intervention.

Meet some of our High Performing Wellbeing Experts

John Williams

Executive Coach to FTSE 100 organisations

John has over 30 years' experience as an executive in FTSE 100 organisations, bringing that commercial edge and getting the right balance between social and commercial objectives. John uses data, relationships and people to drive change and get results. John believes that the answer is always in the room, developing the 'Genius Within' to optimise their potential and life chances. This approach shifts the balance of ownership from a central perspective towards communities, and organisations.

John is a coach of outstanding quality. With more than 30 years combined business management, consulting, coaching and mentoring experience, he is an expert in helping clients achieve significant profitability and performance improvements.

While primarily a personal coach, John is also a highly skilled facilitator of group coaching and coach training, an experienced change management consultant having headed up a number of major change programmes and an inspirational conference & seminar platform presenter.

John has vast amount of experience in building resilience from a practical perspective. John is a former international sports coach, coach educator and leader with experience in Europe, Asia and America. The work exposed him to many different cultures, societies and people, who faced an ever-changing expectation and increased competition. He has extensive experience in the competitive commercial world of outsourcing, supply chain management and consulting on large, complex, high value government contracts. That work included the first outsourced contract by a local authority, Clinical Commissioning Groups and Social Services to look at a strategic partnership approach to address Mental Health in a geographical region, Housing Support, and Home Care. A preventative approach to health and well-being sets out to build resilience through professional service integration by supporting people to navigate their way through a complex mix of services and organisations to deliver the best outcome for people across the spectrum of any particular demographic.

Layla Fear

Financial Wellbeing Expert, Suicide & Mental Health First Aid Instructor

Layla Fear is a Mental Health First Aid Instructor (both in England and Wales) and an experienced Wellbeing Business Partner. She has over 18 years of experience in the private, public and Third Sector, as well as the education and further education sectors. She is also a Financial Wellbeing expert and is a Chartered Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Securities and Investment. Layla is passionate about Mental Health Education and Emotional and Financial Wellbeing.

Layla believes that mental health and physical health should be accepted as being equally important and fully understood within society.

Layla specialises in the following areas of training and consulting:

Mental Health First Aid Training (Awareness, Champions and Full Accreditation):

  • Wales and England
  • Suicide First Aid Training
  • Emotional Resilience Training
  • Wellbeing Strategy Consulting
  • Financial Wellbeing Workshops
  • Mental Health and Wellbeing Public Speaking

Andrew Coates

Executive coach, Life coach & Business coach

I am a qualified executive coach (ILM Level 7), with over 25 years' experience of developing both people and organisations. I work throughout the UK, and offer coaching either face to face, online (via Zoom) or by telephone. I coach at all levels, and work with individuals and businesses to unlock their potential and help them to achieve their goals. I've always enjoyed working with a wide variety of people throughout my professional life, and continue to be motivated by the growth and success of individuals and organisations. It's that very same collaborative and partnership based approach, that now underpins the relationships I enjoy with every client that I work with. Before becoming a coach, I worked across a number of sectors from events and education to employment and skills. Working in the private, public and third sectors. Focusing on leading strategy, sales and marketing, communications, learning and development, and change management. Each role that I performed during that time – from leading and growing small businesses, to working as part of senior leadership teams in large companies – was within organisations that inspire people to develop their potential. This has been very important to me throughout my career, and it is that passion, combined with my range of skills and experience, that now runs throughout my coaching practice.

My approach to coaching is one that recognises the uniqueness of an individual, and understands that we all learn, develop and address opportunities and issues in different ways. It's important to remember that although there may be some commonalities in the goals that we set, and perhaps the challenges that we face – the path to those goals, and the solutions to those challenges, will always be as unique as the individual or business themselves. I therefore pride myself on the ability to find what works for you, while building trust and collaboration in our relationship from the outset. Combining my people and communication skills, alongside my sales and marketing background I bring a collaborative and supportive approach to my coaching, with an underlying focus on performance that encourages accountability and subtly challenges you to reach higher. I use a variety of coaching techniques to achieve this, but most importantly I listen to what you need and want, before empowering you to succeed.

For some people they already know that coaching is right for them and for others they need to find out more about it first. Coaching can be delivered in a single one off session but is more typically delivered in a series of 3, 4 or 6 sessions to suit the individual or the organisation. Do contact me for a free introductory discussion for us to explore how coaching could help you to achieve your goals.

Nicole Gunter

Solution Focused Wellbeing Therapist specialising in confidential 1:1 therapy

A qualified, accredited wellbeing therapist specialising in confidential 1:1 therapy with adults, young people and children, offering therapeutic interventions through a solution focused journey.

Over 15 years' experience as a Mental Health Practitioner currently offering services for the NHS in Primary Care Mental Health Support Services and a qualified Social Worker in Child Protection and Adult Services.

Qualified in multiple disciplines, Nicole uses a Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and a Dialectical Behavioural Therapy approach, dependent on what the presenting issue are. Nicole often works with people that present both personal and professional concerns around stress, anxiety, depression, anger and emotional difficulties. Offering talking therapies, working in collaboration with the client to identify achievable goals and work in a solution focused way to support the client to achieve their goals.

In addition, Nicole uses Red Dot 365 data to create bespoke Mental Health Wellbeing Group interventions that are meaningful to the staff attending, evidence driven and centred on key concerns that the staff have anonymously identified. Developing Wellbeing Champions in workplace to ensure a long-term sustainable approach. Allowing staff to feel comfortable in fielding low level mental health and wellbeing interventions, whilst having direct access to professionals when in need of further direction or advice.

Phil Steele

Author, TV Personality and Inspirational Keynote Speaker

Known to thousands of rugby fans throughout Wales as a knowledgeable, mirthful and passionate rugby reporter and commentator for The BBC and a brilliantly witty and entertaining after dinner speaker, Phil Steele's sunny demeanour and humorous disposition mask a shocking and almost unbearable truth.

For two thirds of his life Phil has battled against crippling bouts of depression and anxiety as well as having to cope with several personal and family tragedies along the way. A first bout of debilitating clinical depression following a rugby injury at the age of 23 which also cost him his dream of playing for Wales, was the start of Phil's lifelong struggle against that cursed mental illness and its malevolent twin, chronic anxiety, which at times even sapped his will to go on living.

This vulnerability was the underscore for a life which saw Phil lose his parents in his twenties, his younger sister to the scourge of alcoholism when she was 37 and his beloved wife Liz to a brain tumour when she was only 48.

Despite the dealing of such cruel life cards Phil's determination and positive attitude have enabled him to live a full and rewarding life which includes 25 years spent as a teacher of PE and then Special Needs Pupils, travelling the world as an after dinner speaker with his infectious personality and unique brand of Welsh humour, and of course becoming loved and respected by both players and fans alike in his role as rugby reporter on TV and radio.

With mental illness thought to affect 1 in 4 people in the workplace in Wales, Phil's story will resonate with both the many that have experienced it themselves and those whose loved ones have been affected - and offer them hope for the future.

His bestselling autobiography Nerves Of Steele was published in 2017.

Kate Cook

Nutrition & Energy Coach, TV Expert, Author and Inspirational Keynote Speaker

Kate Cook gives talks and workshops to business clients empowering their staff to adopt healthier lifestyles. With over 20 years' experience, fresh, creative and practical information is delivered in an interactive style that encourages involvement and engagement.

Kate is passionate about making nutritional change easy and effective. She is a highly experienced international speaker and her successful practice methods have secured extensive TV appearances, publishing deals, magazine features and commissions as an international keynote speaker.

As founder and director of the Harley Street clinic The Nutrition Coach, Kate has personally worked with more than 7,500 patients face to face.

TV appearances include UKTV's 'The Truth About Beauty'.

Books include 'Get Healthy for Good' (Whole Health), 'Drop a Dress Size', 'Shape Up Your Life', 'Be Incredibly Healthy', 'An Unfit Mother' (Harper Collins), and the 'Corporate Wellness Bible' (52 Brilliant Ideas), Kate Cook's Wellness Guide (52 Brilliant Ideas), Positive Nutrition – Strategic Eating to Upgrade Your Health and Energy (LID).

Ali Dawson

Executive and senior leadership team Interventionist & Co-Founder of the Aspire & Thrive Partnership

Ali Dawson, Co-Founder of The Aspire & Thrive Partnership, co-creator of The Wealthy Organisation™ and The Living Leadership Framework™. Ali specialises in executive and senior leadership team development, curating cultures and behaviours that inspire leaders to do things differently.

Ali has 30+ years of experience working as operational manager, Leadership and Organisational Development Consultant and Coach. Her clients, past and present, span 17 business sectors and 3 continents. Her expertise extends beyond business into organisations operating in completely different worlds e.g. from England Rugby Union Football Team, BT Global Challenge Yacht Race and The Royal Military Academy Sandhurst, through Unisys, Merryl Lynch, and Nokia, to NHS, DWP, and the Abu Dhabi Government. Not only does Ali bring her depth of her professional expertise to her clients through career progression, she also adds value through the breadth of her personal life experiences.

Ali provides a unique service based on the principles of Wellbeing and deep understanding of Emotional Intelligence (EI). She is regarded as an authority on EI and co-authored Emotional Intelligence for Rookies, published in 2010.

Jon Bockelmann-Evans

Emotional Health & Resilience Thought-leader & inspirational speaker

Jon is a thought-leader and inspirational speaker in the field of Emotional Health. During a career in Wellbeing spanning 20 years he has run in excess of 800 training courses and spoken at over 100 conferences, helping more than 40,000 delegates. Organisations as diverse as Nike, Dow, Merck and EE as well as countless schools, colleges, universities, local authorities, healthcare providers, SMEs and charities in the UK and internationally have benefited from his knowledge and his enjoyable, insightful and helpful presentations.

Drawing on his clinical background, diverse life experiences and humorous anecdotes Jon brings to life the vital role that Emotional Health plays in every part of our lives and why it's ultimately the most important, but most over-looked, aspect of health, governing everything on the emotional spectrum from profound wellbeing at one end to profound distress and mental illness at the other.

After gaining clinical experience in the NHS in the 1990s as both a physiotherapist and psychotherapist with a specialist interest in helping people with stress-related conditions, in 2000 Jon began running training courses and speaking at conferences. Since then he has developed an international client base of global brands who not only rave about his ability to effortlessly connect with employees at all levels within their organisations but also about how he uniquely combines physiological, psychological and personal development techniques into accessible and highly effective strategies that leave audiences feeling motivated, confident and empowered about managing the challenges in their lives, wherever those challenges may come from.

Since the coronavirus crisis, Jon has invested heavily in technology and know-how to ensure that his ability to deliver content digitally matches the high standards of his live presentations. He has already created an online course, entitled 'How to Cope during the Coronavirus Crisis' and he was recently awarded the prestigious Virtual Presenter Certification by US speaking agency eSpeakers following a rigorous assessment procedure. By obtaining this award, Jon can ensure that his webinars, virtual training sessions and live-streams are bench-marked as being amongst the best in the industry.

Jon can run webinars and virtual training sessions as well as providing online courses (off-the-shelf or bespoke) and tailored live-streaming events suitable for:

  • Re-aligning Company Values and Culture after the Pandemic Disruption Focusing on a Positive Future Post-Coronavirus
  • Dealing with the On-going Emotional 'Coronacoaster' Effect
  • Leadership Team Meetings
  • Talent Development & Team Building Programs
  • Wellbeing Training Programs
  • Global Wellbeing Events
  • Conferences (live or virtual)
  • Inspiring Employees to take Control of their Wellbeing

Sample Titles of Webinars/Training/Presentations include:

  • Emotional Health: The Missing Link
  • The Challenge of The New Normal: Why Mindset is Everything
  • Emotionally Meaningful Goal Planning for You and Your Team
  • Your Future Begins With the Next Thought You Have
  • Why Emotional Health is THE Topic of the 21st Century
  • Your Colleagues are Overwhelmed and Over-Anxious: How to Turn it Around
  • 80,000 Opportunities a Day to Get the Life You Want
  • If Not You, Then Who. If Not Now, Then When?
  • The Soft Skills Revolution
  • Cope. Thrive. Succeed: The Power of Collaboration

All of Jon's material can be tailored to the format and duration that best suits your requirements.

Caroline Knight

Creator of The Wealthy Organisation & Co-Founder of the Aspire & Thrive Partnership

Caroline Knight, Co-Founder of the Aspire & Thrive Partnership co-creator of The Wealthy Organisation™, Co-Director of JKONSULT Ltd, Founder of JKONSULT-HR and Lucid Coaching.

Caroline's Specialism's are in Human Resource Management and People development within organisations, Cultural and Interpersonal Communication, Nonverbal communication, organisational Culture and Change. Additionally, with Developmental Coaching Caroline works with individuals to gain a deeper personal clarity, perspective and focus of their desired future self.

Caroline has worked for 25+ years as an MCIPD, Chartered Human Resource professional, Facilitator, Trainer and Coach. Caroline has worked within and alongside people focused and commercially driven businesses and environments within a variety of sectors and organisations, many from the scientific arena including Evotec, BBSRC, MRC, and including VG Scienta, Cancer Research-UK, G4TS, Tesco and Oxford University Press. She has provided professional advice, support, facilitation, development and coaching to all levels within organisations.

Caroline brings and blends a rich broad background, together with a personable, down to earth, future focused approach enabling positive personal and organisational change. Caroline is an eclectic coach adding value through appropriate strategies, interventions, and thought-provoking conversation.

Caroline sees 'individual' wellbeing lies at the heart of wider cultural wellbeing and uses her knowledge and experiences to facilitate cultural shifts that allow wellbeing to flourish within individuals and organisations alike.

Christina Strang

Global Conference Speaker on Counselling & Behavioural Profiling for Change

With a passion for helping others to help themselves, Christina has put to good use her experience in the field of HR and counselling.

She speaks to conferences on a global scale and was keynote speaker at an international conference in China.

Christina is trained in counselling skills, NLP, life and business coaching and is an Adult Education teacher; she considers personal development to be key. She supports HR with behavioural profiling for recruitment, mergers, team building, and succession planning. Organisations and SMEs such as Tata Steel, the MOD, Silverwood Books, Juno Moneta Group, and Cooper Tires among others have all used Christina's skills.

Dr Williams

CTO, Fullstack Developer and Mathematican

Dr Williams has a PhD in Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence to focuses on making predictions from large multivariable datasets. He is a trained practitioner in Mathematics, Statistics, Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, and applies these invaluable problem-solving techniques to real world problems, delivering solutions, insights and visualizations.

Manging an expert team of Doctors in Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and Positive Psychology, along with a trained team of practitioner's in Social Science and Social Care, Wellbeing Therapy, Mathematics, Statistics, Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. They apply these invaluable problem-solving techniques to real world problems, delivering software solutions, insights and visualizations, helping organisations understand their people and deliver real change via data driven solutions.

James Rind

Chartered Physiotherapist & Wellbeing Culture Expert

James is a Chartered Physiotherapist who has run his own practise for over 14 years. He has a Master's Degree in Workplace Health & Wellbeing from The University of Nottingham. James is a driver of change for wellbeing culture within companies and organisations. He supports strategic development, review, and implementation of organisational wellbeing initiatives. Optimising all points of the company wellbeing journey from initiation, development to sustained action.

Areas of Wellbeing

  • Wellbeing overview
  • Sleep
  • Activity
  • Diet
  • Finding work / life / self balance
  • Developing purpose in life
  • Developing connection in life
  • Poor lifestyle habits – alcohol
  • Prioritising 'time for me'
  • Time management and wellbeing

Examples employee and organisational wellbeing workshops:

  • Wellbeing – what it is, why it is important and how is yours?
  • How to get better quality sleep.
  • Strategic Wellbeing for Organisations
  • Strategies for managing stress & anxiety in the workplace
  • Why and how you should rest – everyday.
  • Building activity within your day to day life
  • Finding balance in your diet
  • Managing & minimising stress & anxiety in your workforce
  • How to see, managing and avoid stress & anxiety in your day to day life
  • Making time for you – self care 101

Rob Baker

Culture, Values, Leadership, Coaching & Engagement

Rob Baker (FCIPD) brings a valued skillset to Red Dot 365's unique wellbeing offering.

Using your very own dashboard data and intelligence, Rob will help develop your ORGANISATIONAL VALUES that will act as a cornerstone for the effective ENGAGEMENT of your people, and their improved productivity.

A skilled EXECUTIVE COACH, Rob can help managers within any organisation to develop their leadership skills in order to maximise their impact on their people.

Rob has delivered several effective LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT programmes during a very experienced HR career.

Rob Baker (FCIPD)

  • Organisational Values & Culture Change
  • Staff Engagement
  • Coaching
  • Leadership Development

Tracey Mulvihill

Mental Health Therapist & Trauma Centred Instructor

Tracey is a dedicated, compassionate and experienced mental health worker. Her qualifications include a Bachelor of Arts (Psychology), Diploma of Counselling, Master of Social Work and is currently a Master of Science (Health)/PhD Candidate. Additionally, Tracey is a Dialectical Behaviour Therapy Facilitator, Emotional Freedom Technique Facilitator, Level 2 Yoga Teacher and is certified to teach Trauma Centre Trauma Sensitive Yoga.

Tracey has worked extensively in mental health hospitals and women's centres, in addition to working as a University Field Educator, supervising students on placement. Tracey councils clients one to one in her private practice, Tracey Mulvihill Therapies. She is currently working on research to support Positive Mental Health in organisations through the use of Trauma-Informed Yoga. In addition, Tracey is also building The Dragon Foundation, an organisation she envisions working holistically to provide advice and support for those affected by trauma.

Tracey work with individuals of all genders whose lives may be affected by trauma, depression, anger, anxiety, addictions, loneliness, grief and loss, mental health problems, post-natal depression and peri-natal mental health, sexual identity, post-traumatic stress disorder, self-esteem concerns, relationships, domestic violence concerns and stress.

Rob Lester

Executive Coach & Trainer of Operational & Behavioural Change workshops

Background: A highly successful & dynamic thinking coach with a passion for people to succeed. Delivering through superb people skills and a desire to develop teams & individuals to fulfil their potential.

Over 7 years coaching experience in the retail environment alongside a 23 year retail leadership career. Delivering UK business plans in FMCG market with great success.

Experienced in delivery of operational & behavioural workshops to large audiences and smaller groups. Comfortable in the 121 coaching environment through to large conference events with an audience of 100+ candidates.

Coaching on a 121 level is also what Rob relish's and is passionate about seeing people develop and succeed both personally and in their respective careers.

Rob has worked with several organisations & businesses both private & public sector delivering high level coaching for change as well as bespoke designed sessions for client requirements.

"Making people feel bigger not smaller is my daily thought"

Kyle Davies

Transformational Wellbeing Coach, Trainer and Author

Kyle Davies is a chartered occupational psychologist, executive coach, therapist, author, and trainer. Working with both individuals and organisations, he specialises in optimising personal resilience, mental clarity, wellbeing, motivation, creativity, and leadership.

Kyle spent ten years in management consulting, working with a wide variety of clients from government agencies and departments, to SMEs and large multi-nationals. He project-managed research, evaluation and feasibility studies predominantly focusing on socio-economic, psycho-social and behavioural issues. His broad remit also included, management training and development, executive coaching and counselling, psychological profiling and selection.

Kyle then moved into healthcare, where he worked as part of a team pioneering a new mind-body therapeutic approach for chronic fatigue and pain syndromes, anxiety, depression, and other stress related symptoms and conditions.

As a freelance coach and facilitator, Kyle has run mental health and wellbeing workshops for a broad range of clients including the BBC, Amey, Interface Europe, Exemplars, Carrington Power, Crown Aerosols, Dorchester Hotel, Eminox, Magenta Living, DHU, Bidfood, Siemens, UK Visa & Immigration, as well as a number of city councils and London Borough councils.

Workshop topics have included:

  • Mental Health Awareness
  • Managing High Pressure Situations
  • Managing Conflict & Change
  • Dealing with Stress & Activating Resilience
  • Emotional Wellbeing at Work
  • Developing a Performance Mindset
  • Men's Health
  • Mindfulness
  • Enhancing Energy
  • Life Balance
  • Optimising Sleep
  • Trainer Training
  • Staying Healthy on Shift
  • Nutrition & Health Eating

Kyle is an Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society, author of the book, The Intelligent Body (WW Norton & Co), and creator of Energy-Flow Coaching™. Kyle has trained and supervised coaches and therapists in the UK and overseas, and has presented at workshops, seminars, and conferences in the UK, USA, New Zealand, The Netherlands, China, and The Philippines. Kyle has been a regular contributor to ITV Wales News, and is frequently heard on radio and podcasts.

Kyle has Level A and intermediate level B certifications in psychometric testing; a diploma and advanced diploma in hypnosis and psychotherapy; CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy) practitioner certification; NLP practitioner and master practitioner certifications, Thought Field Therapy (TFT) certification; as well as having attended trainings in rational emotive behaviour therapy (REBT), humanistic counselling, and psychodynamic psychotherapy.

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