What if I am not sure of what Solution will work?

Not a problem. Try looking at our Baseline or 24/7 packages. Smart money is spent on understanding your people's perceived wellbeing first. What are their goals, what do they want to achieve, what will work for them to improve their own wellbeing? Also, what are their barriers and concerns, why haven't they achieved their goals themselves before. It will allow you to make evidence driven decisions to improve the wellbeing of your people. It makes them part of the solution, not part of the problem!

Can I get a Baseline first, then decide on getting the 24/7 package later?

Yes. You can simply use Baseline to understand the perceived wellbeing of your staff. Whilst the Discovery Survey is open, we will check in immediately with all staff if they press the Red Dot or if they rate their Mental Health or Personal Wellbeing as poor. At that point we offer a confidential Wellbeing Therapist within 48 hours.

However, the Baseline option is included for FREE in all 3 of our 24/7 packages: Impact, Professional and Insights.

How do you measure Wellbeing?

We simply capture the perceived wellbeing of every individual and then aggregate the scores to give the organisation a wellbeing score. It allows us to measure individual impact and organisation ROI.

Is the Organisation Wellbeing Score a direct reflection of us as an Organisation?

Its an indicator that simply allows us to measure your people's wellbeing. A baseline for us to start from. Remember you are investing in your PEOPLE.

It is not a measure of you as an organisation, it is a measure of your peoples wellbeing.

How do you create a Wellbeing Culture?

By capturing the perception of people's wellbeing, it allows us to provide the data and insights in the form of a Wellbeing Dasboard. The rich dialogue, openness and transparency, allow you to focus on the things that matter to your people and you as an organisation.

How do you measure ROI?

The data will allow us to understand your people's perception of what they need and what works for them. The courses, interventions and support reflect the need. We then measure the impact and difference they have had for the individual and you as an organisation. Optimising your budget and spend.

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